Consequences of providing bogus documents to the Department of Immigration

Public Interest Criterion 4020 (PIC 4020) enables refusal of a visa if an applicant provides a bogus document or information that is false or misleading in relation to their application, or if the Read more

Complying with your Australian visa conditions

As an Australian visa holder, you must comply with the conditions attached to your visa. Some Australian visas do not allow holders to work while in Australia. Read more

Australian re-entry bans – The Facts

A re-entry ban, also known as an exclusion period, means a person may not be permitted to return to Australia for up to three Read more

New sponsor requirements for Partner and Prospective Marriage visa application

The Australian Government takes the safety and security of visa applicants very seriously. To help keep visa applicants safe, they have introduced new requirements Read more

Marrying before a decision is made on the Prospective Marriage visa application

Is it possible for an applicant and sponsor to marry after the Prospective Marriage visa application has been submitted, but before a decision is made on the application? The Read more

The Character Requirement for an Australian Visa

Everyone who wants to enter or stay in Australia must satisfy the character requirement as set out in Section 501 of the Migration Act 1958 (the Act). Read more

Overview and eligibility criteria for the Prospective Marriage visa

The Prospective Marriage visa program has several eligibility criteria. Some of the criteria must be satisfied at the Read more

One-year relationship requirement for De Facto partners

The one year de facto relationship requirement is a criterion that must be met by applicants for the following visas who claim to be in a de facto relationship: Read more

Waiving visa condition ‘No Further Stay’

A ‘No Further Stay’ condition is a condition that prevents the visa holder from applying for many temporary and permanent visas while they are in Australia. ‘No Further Stay’ conditions include 8503,​ 8534 and 8535. Read more