Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300)

The Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300) allows people to come to Australia to marry their prospective spouse.

To apply for a Prospective Marriage visa you must be outside of Australia when you apply and when the visa is decided. There is no onshore equivalent for a Prospective Marriage visa. This is strictly an offshore visa.

If you are granted this visa, you should marry your prospective spouse and apply for a Partner (subclasses 820 and 801) visa before your Prospective Marriage visa expires. A prospective marriage visa is valid for nine months from the date it is granted. The visa validity period cannot be extended.


To be eligible for a Prospective marriage visa you must:

  • intend to marry your prospective spouse
  • have physically met and know your prospective spouse
  • be at least 18 years of age or older when you apply for the visa
  • meet Australia’s health and character requirements
  • be sponsored by your prospective spouse
  • You must have repaid, or have arranged to repay, any outstanding debts to the Australian government
  • You might not eligible for this visa if you have had a visa cancelled or refused while you were in Australia.

What the Prospective Marriage visa let you do:

  • travel to and stay in Australia for up to nine months
  • work in Australia
  • study in Australia at your own expense
  • travel outside of Australia as many times as you want. There is important information for New Zealand citizens.

Marry your prospective spouse

You are expected to marry your prospective spouse and apply for a Partner visa (subclass 820 and 801) before your visa expires. You can get married in Australia or any other country but you must have entered Australia at least once on the Prospective Marriage visa before you marry. The marriage must be valid under Australian law.


You can include your dependent children or stepchildren in your application.

If you are granted the visa, your children will have the same rights and visa conditions as you.

Your obligations

You should marry your prospective spouse and apply for a Partner visa (subclass 820 and 801) before the Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300) expires.

You and your children must comply with Australian laws and your visa conditions.

Your sponsor

Your sponsor must be your prospective spouse.

You might not be able to be a sponsor if you hold or have held certain visas or certain circumstances apply to you.

Your sponsorship ends when you partner’s permanent visa is decided.

As a sponsor you have certain obligations.